Monday, November 19, 2012

Creative Candle Designs

Bloody Eyeball Candle
Dynamite Candle
 Ex-Boyfriend In Hell Candle. Burn that condemned bastard in effigy while you enjoy the cinnamon scent of the candle. Burn , baby, burn indeed
 5 Minute Matchstick Candles
 The Neverending Candle. Each scented candle lasts twenty minutes and before dying it gives its flame to the one that follows. Arranging the candles according to their scent, we can decide, as in a ritual, when our time starts

Remote-Controlled Candle. Using LED bulb technology, this electronic candle produces a soft flickering light just like a real flame

Greek Column Candle

 Roman Candles

Flikz Lighter Birthday Candle

Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos That Everybody is Sharing on Social Media

Unbelievable Incidents Caught by X-ray

Scissors left in woman after surgery

The woman who swallows an entire canteen of cutlery

The man who survived being stabbed in the brain

X-ray reveals rubber duck inside terrier 18 months on

A rather unfortunate nailgun accident.

The man who tried to steal a £1,750 engagement ring by swallowing

Man accidentally swallows a pair of scissors while laughing